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Fort Lauderdale’s Top-Rated Marine Carpentry Services

There is nothing like the look of wood to create a warm, natural atmosphere on a boat or yacht.  And many Fort Lauderdale boat and yacht owners are turning to full-service boatyards to provide marine carpentry services such as custom boat wood work and marine sealant refinishing.  After all, the inside of your boat should look as beautiful as the outside, and the best way to accomplish that is to have a master woodworker create custom designed furniture for your boat.

Custom Wood Work With Patagonia Services Division

You spend a lot of time in your boat, and especially during a long day on the sea, you likely want someplace beautiful and comfortable to relax in.  Custom boat wood work can provide sleek tables and chairs, kitchen cabinetry and bath grates and cabinets that will make your boat uniquely your own.   And designing the wood work on your boat can add a level to entertaining that simply can’t be matched.  The marine carpentry services experts at Patagonia Services Division, LLC will help you create just the right design for your boat or yacht – whether space saving is your priority, or unparallel elegance and design is your goal.

What Separates Patagonia Services Division from the Rest?

Teak wood is the most commonly used wood in luxury crafts, and consistent maintenance is required to maintain its elegant look.  Teak wood has a tendency to turn dark because its natural oils attract molds and mildews.  But as Fort Lauderdale custom boat wood work experts, we understand how to manage teak wood in a boat environment, and will use marine sealant refinishing as a way of keeping your marine carpentry services furniture pieces in the best shape.

What Can Patagonia Services Build for Your Boat or Yacht?

There are many ways that custom boat wood work can improve the look of your boat.  We can create benches and chairs for either below deck in the dining room or above deck in a carefully designed sitting area.  Kitchen cabinets and other storage units can make the boat’s kitchen not only beautiful, but also more functional as it can be designed for maximum efficiency.  Folding tables, bar tables, playing tables with folding leaves and deck tables are another way that marine carpentry services can make your boat unique and more functional.   In addition, a Fort Lauderdale custom boat wood work expert can add finishing touches to your craft by creating accessories such as teak drink holders, chests, shower grates, soap holders, compass boxes, and ladders.  These touches will make your boat unique and afford it a touch of elegance that’s difficult to match.

Patagonia Services Strives to Make Every Client Happy

If you are thinking about hiring a custom boat wood work expert, why not give us a call and find out how we can best serve your needs?  At Patagonia Services Division, LLC, we only use expertly trained technicians who are concerned about your vision.  With their skill and knowledge, they can help you bring that vision to fruition.  In Fort Lauderdale, you simply won’t find marine carpentry services to match those of Patagonia Services Division, LLC.

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