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Fort Lauderdale Marine Fiberglass Repair

There isn’t much that can take away from the beauty of a boat or yacht faster than damage to the fiberglass, which is why many people from around the world call upon Patagonia Services Division, LLC when their vessel is in need of repair.  Let’s face it, everyone has accidents that can damage the beauty of their boat, but the good news is that the damage can easily be repaired by someone who is trained in the process.  Boat fiberglass repair, yacht fiberglass repair—in fact, all marine fiberglass repair—is an art, and it takes a true professional to recreate the pristine condition of the fiberglass.  In Fort Lauderdale, we are known as the go-to experts, and we would love to show you how we can bring out the beauty of your boat again.

The first fiberglass boat was built in 1942, and since then the boat industry, especially in Fort Lauderdale, has insisted on quality fiberglass technicians who are pros at boat fiberglass repair.  We specialize in making boats shine again, and are experts of all aspects of yacht fiberglass repair, such as gelcoat repair, delamination repair, keel damage repair and even total boat modifications, such as hull extensions.

The Boat Fiberglass Repair Process

The first step in a proper boat fiberglass repair job is to prepare the area that is damaged.  This requires cleaning out all of the loose parts, then sanding around the area.  This takes an expert because it would be easy to affect the non-damaged parts, which would just create more problems.  Next, the technician will apply the gelcoat, and ensure that it is properly color-matched, applied and set.  After that, he will have to sand the area and create a smooth, even area for the next step.

The fiberglass will then be applied in layers, each one bonding to the prior one if the job  is done right.  A true fiberglass technician, such as the ones we have at our Fort Lauderdale boat yard, will understand how the chemicals work together or form a powerful bond.  If they aren’t applied correctly, the bond will be weak, and will crumble again in the near future.

Why Choose Patagonia Services for Marine Fiberglass Repair?

All marine fiberglass repair jobs, such as boat fiberglass repair and yacht fiberglass repair take a technician with finesse and training in order to make the boat look like new.  The technicians at Patagonia Services Division, LLC have all been trained in the art, and are equipped to make any boat fiberglass repairs that you may require.  We’ve been serving our Fort Lauderdale customers for over three decades and have built a reputation as one of the best marine fiberglass repair yards in the business.

If you have a boat that needs a marine fiberglass repair, be sure to give us a call.  We’ll talk to you about your specific issue and tell you how our expert technicians can have your boat looking brand new in not time.

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