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Fort Lauderdale Boat and Yacht Painting Services

Patagonia Services Division, LLC has over 30 years of Fort Lauderdale marine experience, and can be a trusted partner for your yacht or power boat needs.  Our marine painting services include (but is not limited to) boat painting, yacht painting, and boat bottom painting.

Why Do So Many Boaters Choose Patagonia Services Division?

It’s important that a boat paint job be done by professionals, and we at Patagonia Services Division, LLC understand what that takes to make our clients happy.  We are fully licensed and insured, and are meticulous in our boat and yacht painting services.  That’s why some of the world’s most prestigious owners bring their yachts to us for our yacht painting services.

When looking for a Fort Lauderdale boat paint job, you should keep in mind the difference between hiring a jobber and a full-time professional yard service.  While jobbers can go from place to place, and tend to be inconsistent in their work, a yard has to do excellent work time and time again in order to maintain their reputation.  We at Patagonia take our reputation very seriously and are known for our quality yacht painting – something we covet and strive to maintain.

Discover the Patagonia Services Difference

Preparation is often said to be the key to a good boat paint job, and there’s good reason for that.  If the boat isn’t properly prepared before painting, it will result in peeling, cracked or an inconsistent finish.  But the preparation involved in yacht painting or bottom painting is tedious and it takes a fully dedicated professional to do the job well.  For instance, all hardware must be removed, not simply masked, and the Fort Lauderdale professional must wax and sand the boat, removing and smoothing out all irregularities before the boat painting can begin.  In addition, if there is current caulking, the painter should remove the old paint before boat painting, then re-caulk it after the boat paint job is completed.

If there are tight or hard to reach places, the painter must be able to masterfully use a brush to avoid spray painting, which could result in an uneven finish.  That makes it necessary for the boat painter to have experience and expertise in both spray and brush work.

It goes without saying that the boat painting and yacht painting service should have an indoor painting area.  It’s necessary to select the right time for your painting job, because that will ensure that it dries beautifully.  In Fort Lauderdale, the ideal boat painting time is November through April, although a boat painter with indoor facilities can perform the work in ideal conditions any time of the year.

You Won’t Be Disappointed With Our Quality of Work

As you can see, when hiring someone to do boat painting, yacht painting and boat bottom painting, there is a lot to take into consideration.  If you simply choose to go with the lowest bid, you will likely be disappointed in the look of your boat’s finished look.  For instance, a painter who doesn’t understand the amount of preparation work necessary will produce a boat paint job that shows off every imperfection on the boat.

If you’re in the market for a Fort Lauderdale boat paint job, be sure to give us a call at Patagonia Services Division, LLC.  We’ve been in the boat painting business for over three decades and understand what it takes to make your boat look its best.

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